Kinder Bueno Protein Balls

I’m not joking; these taste like the stuff in the middle of Kinder Bueno! I love having these in the fridge and grabbing one or two on the way to the gym. They’re also good to have when you get home from the gym and you’re desperately trying not to eat everything in the fridge before you make your lunch or dinner. It is important to have a post workout snack/meal at least 30minutes after a workout session to aid muscle repair and muscle glycogen storage, so these are very easy to pop into a zip lock bag and put into your gym bag.


Makes 30 balls (15 servings)

PB ingreds

1 scoop of vanilla whey protein (30g)

40g porridge oats

15g unsweetened desiccated coconut

3 tbsp honey

40g dark chocolate chips (optional)

240g smooth peanut butter (you could use crunchy but I prefer the smooth texture for these)


 Measure out all of your ingredients and add everything, except the coconut, to a bowl.


Using a spoon, mix ingredients together until they are combined.
PB balls mix 2Have a clean surface/plate to put your balls on once you have rolled them out.

Run your hands under a cold tap so that your mixture does not stick to your palms.

Slowly roll out 30 balls.

You may need to run your hands under the cold tap a few times so that you can easily roll out your balls.

coconut rolling

Once you have rolled out 30 balls, measure out 15g of desiccated coconut into a small bowl and roll each ball in the coconut until they are evenly covered.


I usually store my protein balls in a lunchbox with greaseproof paper separating the layers.

It’s best to keep these in the fridge as they will keep for approx 2 weeks or you can freeze them and they will keep for longer ( approx one month). I recommend eating them within the 2 weeks as the taste is much better when they are fresh.

They also make a really good gift for a health conscious/gym bunny friend. You can get mason jars in Home Store and more for around 3 euro with some ribbon and put together a really lovely present. Below is a picture of a few Kris Kindle presents of oat protein balls and homemade granola I gave to friends at Christmas.

Nutritional Information per serving (2 balls):

157kcal; 13g carbohydrates; 5g protein; 11g fat.